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Father wills property to pet dog following beef with son

Tiffs among parents and children are common, particularly with regards to wealth and property.

One such feud between a father and son duo has made headlines after the father signed off a portion of his Chhindwara ancestral land to his pet dog instead of his son.

Om Narayan Verma, a farmer from India’s Madhya Pradesh state  named his 11-month-old pet dog Jackie as the one who will inherit two-acre land, according to his will. Verma was upset with his son’s behaviour, hence named his dog as the heir of his property.

The remaining portion of his land was registered to go to Verma’s wife Champa.

“My wife Champa and pet dog Jackie serve me and I am healthy as of now and both of them are dear to me,” said the farmer in the will saying he was handing his pet a portion of land so that he doesn’t suffer as a stray dog after his demise.

Verma also mentioned that in the will that anyone who serves the dog after his death would inherit the portion of the land offered to it.

After the news made big in the town and into the ears of the village head, Verma was persuaded to reconsider his decision.

While speaking to local news village head, Jamuna Prasad Verma said, he has spoken to Verma who promised him to get the will cancelled.