Father sells his son to childless couple for $25,000, spends all money travelling with new girlfriend

A Chinese man has been arrested for allegedly selling his 2-year-old son and using the money to go travelling with his new girlfriend.

The man from the Chinese province of Zhejiang, won custody of his son after divorcing his wife, who was granted custody of their daughter.

The father left the boy in the care of of his brother who lives in the city of Huzhou, while he needed to work in another area.

Upon the father’s return the boy was taken from his brother’s home, reportedly telling his family and that the mother wanted to see him.

When the family asked for the boy’s well being from the father, he refused to answer and therefore they approached the police.

After an investigation, the local police said they discovered that the boy had been sold to a childless couple in the city of Changsu in Jiangsu Province for $25,000.

The father then used the cash to take his new girl friend travelling and taking photos of the stack of banknotes to flaunt his wealth to his friends.

The police returned the boy to his uncle’s care and the couple who purchased the boy are all being investigated over the alleged sale.

According to Chinese media, the father had earlier also sold two of his daughters from a previous marriage because he was in dire financial straits.