Father in China designs protective suit for son that makes him look like a space cadet

As the spread of novel coronavirus eases in China, Cao Junjie and his family are making the most of the sunny days at a Shanghai amusement park – with one important twist.

Cao’s son is wearing an inflatable suit to protect him from the highly contagious virus, looking more like a miniature astronaut than a two-year-old child.

The father created the suit himself, complete with an air purification system, a device to monitor air quality and an electric fan to keep it cool.

The innovative suit is not a first for Cao, though. Last month, the father of two designed a ‘baby safety pod’ for his two-month-old.

For his older child, Cao found an ‘inflatable space suit’ for children online for 2,000 yuan and set about modifying it.

After a week, his two-year-old boy was ready to boldly go out with the suit on, first to the supermarket and then beyond.

Cao says the suit is ideal for toddlers because masks don’t stop them from touching their faces, which doctors say is one of the main causes of infection.

“I designed this protection suit to replace masks because masks could make him uncomfortable,” Cao told Reuters.

The child can do most things in the inflatable suit except blow bubbles.