Social Media Reactions

Fan who invaded Ranu Mondal’s personal space put to place

Internet sensation Ranu Mondal has been called out on Twitter for appearing to tell off a fan, who requested her for a selfie.

A viral video on the internet shows Ranu was at a grocery store when a woman accompanied by her daughter tapped on her shoulder from behind.

The singer immediately turned around and told the woman, “Dekhiye, aap please, don’t touch.”

To explain her displeasure, Ranu tapped on the woman’s hand and pushed her behind, saying, “Yeh kya hai? Iska matlab kya hai? Yeh, what it means?”

Social media was upset over the incident and slammed Ranu Mondal on Twitter.

The incident may have upset fans, but it’s important for people to realise someone’s personal space and boundaries.

Ranu Mondal became famous overnight on social media after she was spotted singing Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai at the Ranaghat Railway Station. Impressed by her song, she received a call from a reality show in Mumbai on which Himesh Reshammiya appeared as a judge.

She then provided her vocals to Teri Meri Kahani, Aadat and Aashiqui Mein Teri 2.0 to in Himesh Reshammiya’s film Happy Hardy and Heer.