Family waits for stray bull to poop and the reason is rather bizarre

A family in Haryana is doing just that by waiting for a stray bull to poop since the past three days. The reason is rather bizarre, because the bull accidentally consumed 40 grams of gold.

Two family members of Janak Raj, a local businessman, accidentally kept their ornaments in a bowl in their kitchen. Thereafter, to add to the fiasco, someone filled the bowl with vegetable scraps and then threw out the contents, along with the gold, for the strays to consume.

Only after one of the earrings was found outside that the family realised the situation of missing jewellery. Curious, the family checked on the CCTV footage only to leave shell shocked.

The report also said that the family had to hunt the stray bull for five hours to get hold of it.

“We have been checking the dung to recover the gold. It’s a dirty job, but we have no other option,” Janak Raj told the daily.

As per the report, Ravinder Sharma, retired director, research (DR) from Lala Lajpat Rai University of veterinary and animal sciences (LLRU) has said that an X-ray should be performed on the bull at first.

“This will confirm whether the animal has swallowed the gold or not. Depending on the location of the gold inside the bull, it will be clear if it can be retrieved through surgery. The matter is a bit complex, but the possibility of the jewels coming out with the stool is possible,” he added.

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