Family living in ‘The Conjuring’ farmhouse still feel presence of paranormal activity

Many horror movies are based on true events and several of these movies are based on haunted houses. Not many have the courage to live in them but that is not the case with this family currently residing in a real-life haunted house which inspired the 2013 spine chilling movie, The Conjuring.

The infamous cursed farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island, US was discovered by paranormal activities investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who was called in 1971 to look into its spooky history.

Cory and Jennifer Heinzon bought the historic farmhouse in June 2019, and two months after they moved in, the couple informed a local news station about weird eerie occurrences taking place there.

Being paranormal investigators themselves, the pair bought the four-bedroom, two-bathroom farmhouse for its supernatural history for $439,000.

Their daughter, Madison Heinzen, has been documenting the supernatural events happening in the house and shared her first-hand experiences with media outlets and on TikTok.

Detailing about the “spirit entities” that still inhabit the house, she has amassed a huge following on the video-sharing platform by describing their day-to-day life in the iconic spirit-haunted farmhouse.

According to reports she detailed her account of seeing someone in a veil and a skirt before they vanished into thin air. The incident happened while she was eating dinner alone in a span of three seconds, she claims.

Her parents confirmed the sighting by telling her that other people have seen her too and described the figure as “a woman in a wedding dress.”

In earlier media interviews the owners admitted they have experienced lights flashing, footsteps and knocks in the house along with the doors opening on their own. Adding further, they confessed that they are scared because the alleged spirits are known to be friendly at first but turn sinister and attack the family after some time.

Madison claims in a video that they have opened their house for the public to visit and the family is personally documenting the occurrences themselves by installing 12 cameras around the house.