Family heats pizza for dinner, ends up baking a snake instead

A family from the US state of North Carolina were in for a surprise when they found a snake in their oven while heating a pizza for dinner.

When Robert Helm put the oven for preheating, little did he know that a snake had slithered in.

It was only after the oven started smoking that his wife Amber backed their two children off to a safe distance and found a charred snake inside.

The last time the gas oven was used was on Christmas Day to cook a ham.

Amber told CNN that the oven was dark and the snake was possibly dead due to the preheating.

People were curious about what the family finally have for dinner.

Amber reiterated that they did not eat the pizza and instead went out for dinner.

The Helms have two children, aged 3 and 1. The family moved into the house a year back.

To find out how the snake managed to enter their household and ended up in the oven, the family said they would be seeking help from an expert.

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