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‘Fake’ picture shows Kim Jong-un dead in a glass coffin

A FAKE picture claiming to show Kim Jong-un dead in a glass coffin has gone viral amid ongoing rumours about the North Korean leader.

The image – thought to be a doctored photo from his father’s 2011 funeral – appears to show Kim lying beneath a red blanket with his head on a pillow.

The US and China are seeking to find the truth on claims the despot is either dead or gravely ill in a vegetative state following botched heart surgery.

North Korea scrambled to show he is alive today by releasing a letter said to be written by Kim on the construction of a holiday resort – and claiming he sent a message to South African president Cyril Ramaphosa.

But the absence of any new images of Kim only fuelled the frenzy of speculation.

However the picture being shared online today of him in a glass coffin are believed to be manipulated.

The image – credited to Japanese news network JNN – closely matches a picture from his dad Kim Jong-il’s funeral after he died from a heart attack in 2011.

It has the same low angle, ceremonial pillow and flower arrangements behind his head – suggesting the younger Kim’s face and shoulders have been superimposed.

Many posts claim the picture was shown live on Hong Kong network HKSTV – whose vice president sparked claims Kim was dead at the weekend – and the image was shared thousands of times online amid the storm of rumours.

But a similar apparently photoshopped image of Kim in the coffin was first shared on Twitter in October 2017.

Kim is reported to be undergoing treatment at a hospital which is reserved for exclusive use by his family and is constantly on standby, reports Daily NK.

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