Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram stop working properly

The Facebook family of applications have stopped working properly at the same time. This includes Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

However today’s outage is not total nor a global outage, infact Facebook issue appears to be specific for certain features. Users report that specific that for Facebook, posts or photos don’t show, but pages load.

In WhatsApp files appear to be running into problems sending – meaning that photos, videos and voice messages won’t show up properly. And in Instagram users reported that photos were failing to load.

The issue was reported across the world and it has affected millions of users.

Facebook’s “Platform Status” page, which is intended to track problems with the site, shows a message indicating that the service “is Healthy”. But that site can be slow to reflect problems, especially when they are less widespread.

The a previous incident in March, the Facebook family of applications completely collapsed for several hours before it could be up and running. That time the company blamed it on server issues. Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp all share the same server, knock-on effect was observed.

Source : Various