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Facebook to pay 1.57 million users $650 million to settle privacy case

Mark Zuckerberg owned Facebook will be making payouts to about twenty-five percent of the 6 million Illinois residents eligible for the biggest consumer privacy settlement in U.S. history.

Based on a tally filed in court some 1.57 million people will probably pocket more than $300 each.

A third of the total $650 million in settlement fund is set aside for their attorneys and administrative costs  from a lawsuit in which the social network was accused of collecting biometric images from its photo-tagging feature without consent.

The judge was initially skeptical if a settlement of less than $1 billion was fair, considering that if users had taken the company to trial they could have sought damages of as much as $5,000 for each violation of the Illinois Biometric Privacy Information Act.

The judge in the order asked Facebook to ping all users directly through their accounts to alert them to the cash jackpot.