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Facebook faces tough challenge to pull younger Gen Z users to platform

Facebook was once a hub for young people, but that’s changed in the last decade.

Despite the company’s efforts, several studies have shown that younger people aren’t interested in joining the platform.

Back in 2012, 94% of teens had a Facebook account, a Pew Research survey of 12- to 17-year-olds found. Almost 10 years later, only 27% of adolescents say they’re on the platform, according to a 2021 survey of 10,000 teenagers conducted by Piper Sandler.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg aspires to end the youth exodus from his company’s flagship platform, saying on a Q3 earnings conference call on Monday that he wants Facebook to make “serving young adults the north star.”

But with its current user base, that won’t be so easy. Facebook predicts teen users of its flagship app to plummet by 45% over the next two years, adding to a 13% drop since 2019, according to data obtained by The Verge.

That data was found in part through internal documents leaked by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen to the SEC and earlier reported by The Wall Street Journal.

“Our products are still widely used by teens, but we face tough competition from the likes of Snapchat and TikTok,” Joe Osborne, a spokesperson for Facebook said.

“All social media companies want teens to use their services. We are no different.”