European Union, United States impose sanctions on Russian officials for poisoning Alexei Navalny

The United States imposed sanctions on Russian government officials and entities over the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, the most high-profile critic of President Vladimir Putin

US intelligence concluded that the Russian government was behind the near-fatal nerve agent attack on Navalny in Siberia last year.

Moscow has denied involvement in his poisoning.

US officials said seven senior Russian officials and 14 entities involved in chemical and biological production were being targeted by sanctions, without giving any more details.

“Russia’s attempt to kill Mr Navalny follows an alarming pattern of chemical weapons use by Russia,” one of the administration officials said.

They are the first sanctions imposed on Russia by the administration of President Joe Biden. He has taken a tougher stance than his predecessor Donald Trump towards President Putin.

Meanwhile the European Union on Tuesday also targeted four Russian government officials.

They are Alexandr Kalashnikov, the head of the Russian prison system, Alexandr Bastrykin, chairman of the Investigative Committee, Chief Prosecutor Igor Krasnov, and Viktor Zolotov, who heads of the National Guard.

The sanctions include travel bans and asset freezes.

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