Europe is battling an unprecedented heat wave shattering all records

The continent of Europe is battling an unprecedented heat wave the last couple of months and has seen  record-high temperatures in at least three countries.

The temperature has broken records in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The extreme weather also resulted in at least 4 deaths.

The Netherlands saw its highest recorded temperature as the city of Eindhoven reached 39.3 degrees Celsius. Most of Netherlands is under orange alert until Saturday. The authorities were still to implement a national heat plan.

Belgium recorded a record temperature of 40.2º C on Wednesday, which means it could break records on Thursday. The  “extremely high temperatures” forced Belgian authorities to declare a red alert.

While, Germany saw 40.5º C on Wednesday.The national meteorological service issued a heat warning for almost all of the country.

UK and France are also battling extreme heat and Spain and Portugal were battling heavy wildfires.

The temperature in Paris  touched 40.6º C on Thursday afternoon and it was the hottest day ever recorded in the city. The city has banned some vehicles from their centers in a bid to cut down on pollution.

In London,  Metropolitan Police found two bodies in river Thames and one at a water park in Gloucestershire. Authorite have strictly appealed to people not to swim.