Europe Heat Wave : France records temperature of 45.9 degrees Celsius

Europe’s heat wave expanded across the continent on Saturday, from Britain to the Balkans temperatures were abnormally high after a record breaking week.

In France an average temperatures of 39 degrees Celsius (103 degrees Fahrenheit) was recorded in most places. Moreover, on Saturday it shattered records multiple times.

Spain, which is dealing with the aftermath of a wildfire that tore through 10,000 acres of forest in the country’s north-east on Friday, is bracing for temperatures of up to 42 degrees, according to its national meteorological body.

While,  UK saw its hottest day of the year by some distance, with the mercury rising to 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 Fahrenheit) threatening 35.6 degrees in 1976.

The record temperatures are affecting sporting events in the region. A major league basketball game and the ongoing Cricket World Cup.

French authorities are taking multiple steps to prevent repeat of 2003 heat wave that left around 14,000 people dead. Around 4,000 schools were closed in the country on Friday and the opening hours of parks and public swimming pools have been extended.

Paris activated it’s heat emergency plan last weekend by opening up cooling rooms in some municipal buildings and mist showers were installed in the streets in the city. Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic all recorded their highest-ever June. And the heat is set to move east in the coming days, with countries including Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary preparing for marks in the mid-30s at the start of next week.

Climate scientists have warned that heat waves such as this one are becoming more frequent and increasingly severe because of the climate crisis.

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