Etihad Airbus A320 plane collides with wild boar on runway in Islamabad

An Etihad Airways Airbus A320 hit a wild boar while landing in Islamabad on Sunday according to reports. The report cited the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority as saying that the wild boar entered the runway by digging its way underneath the airport perimeter fence.

As per reports, the incident occurred when an Etihad Airbus A320-200 landed on Islamabad’s runway 28L and the crew observed a collision with some animal. The airplane continued with its landing and taxied without any further incident, the report revealed, adding that later a wild boar was found on the runway.

Inspection of the aircraft revealed no damage to it and the flight was able to maintain time for its scheduled Abu Dhabi departure. However, this is not the first time a flight collided with an animal. There have been instances when flights have collided with birds as well. In December, another Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 collided with a bird while approaching Karachi. The bird hit the right-hand wing.

Flights have been known to hit animals as well. An incident occurred last year when an aircraft crash-landed at the Kichwa Tembo airstrip in Maasai Mara after it hit wildebeests that had come onto the runway while it was making a landing.