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England: 19-year-old sentenced to 15-month jail term for attacking grandma with fork at dinner table

A 19-year-old grandson stabbed his grandmother with a fork deeply embedded in her hand in Whitley Bay, England.

According to a reports Conna Hardy, the accused, had a history of abusing his grandmother. Just days before the attack, he had thrown a plate at her.

The accused and other family members were having dinner at the victim’s home in Whitley Bay. It all started when Hardy took a piece of food out of his mouth and put it on his sister’s plate. His grandmother put it back on Hardy’s plate. The boy picked it and put it back on his sister’s plate, only for things to blow up.

In the Newcastle Crown Court, the case was heard and Cinna Hardy accepted that he made a concerted attempt to stab his grandmother in the left hand with a fork, and eventually he succeeded.

According to the reports, the fork was deeply embedded in the victim’s hand but medics were eventually successful in removing it.

At first, the accused claimed that his grandmother had fallen by mistake and she, unfortunately, landed on the fork. But later he eventually pleaded guilty in court and as a result, he was sentenced to 15 months, and an indefinite restraining order was also imposed.

Meanwhile, grandmother heaved a sigh of relief. She said that the attack has caused her considerable distress mentally. Sometimes, she suffers from nightmares and also faces trouble sleeping. She further stated that she wanted no contact with her grandson.