Emu spends a night in the basement

An emu found wandering loose in a New York state neighborhood was captured by a local family and spent the night in their basement.

Jennifer Oates said the emu was fortunate that it came to her yard in Afton, Chenango County, on Easter Sunday because she had experience with the large Australian birds when she was growing up in Texas.

Oates told a local news agency that, “We kept 10 to 12 at a time as pets, and we’d collect the eggs and incubate them. This one was very lucky she came to our door.”

Several neighbours along with the police chased the emu throughout the town before Oates was able to approach it from the side, subdue its legs and coax it to lie down. The Emu was then take the Oates’s family basement before being transported to the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville.

Oates added that, “She [the emu] seemed drawn to my voice. It’s very likely she was in captivity and used to being around people.”

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