Elon Musk’s computer brain startup will directly stream music to the brain

Elon Musk’s brain computer chip startup Neuralink is working an interface that will allow the wearers to stream music directly to the brain.

Musk, who also heads SpaceX and Tesla, responded to a query and said that Neuralink’s technology would allow people to “listen to music directly from the chips.”

More information on the “sewing machine-like” device developed in 2019 which could connect brains to the computers, will be released next month. However, Musk has been giving sneak-peeks into this innovation from his Twitter handle.

Earlier, Musk had said the technology could help cure mental problems like depression and addiction and Parkinson’s. However, Musk said, the aim of the Neuralink is to allow humans to compete with artificial intelligence.

To insert the device in the brain, it will require removing a part of the skull and the device with its electrode threads will be fitted in the brain.

The technology has carried out trials on animals, while human trials were scheduled to be held this year. The details are yet to be made public.