Elephant named after Osama Bin Laden kills five villagers

Forest officials in northeast India conducted a major operation to contain a rogue elephant that killed five villagers. The male elephant dubbed “Laden” after Osama bin Laden, killed people in the Indian state of Assam.

Laden would often attack villagers and destroy paddy fields.

The animal was alone, forest officials were using domesticated elephants to observe it from a safe distance, as well as drones.

Assam Forest Minister Parimal Shuklabaidya said an eight-person committee including wildlife experts would decide what to do, taking into account the welfare of the elephant as well as locals’ safety.

Rampant deforestation in India has forced frequent migration of elephants. Some 2,300 people have been trampled in India in the last five years, while 700 elephants have been killed since 2011.

Elephants were either poisoned or shot by locals, while many died while trying to cross electric fences or railways cuttings.