Elections 2019: Congress releases manifesto, promises separate farmer budget and Rs 72,000 minimum income

The Congress released its manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. The manifesto titled ‘Hum Nibhayenge’ (Congress will deliver) and said there are no lies in the book of promises and it is an attempt to marry wealth and welfare.

The Congress promises to fix the growing unemployment problems in the nation, by filling 22 lakh government vacancies by 2020. The Congress, pledged to give the highest priority to protecting existing jobs and creating new jobs. The Congress chief Rahul Gandhi announced that new businessman trying to set up businesses will not have to ask for permission from anyone.

For farmers, he promised to implement the NYAY scheme would be the central focus of the party’s manifesto. The NYAY scheme, aims to minimum income of INR₹ 6,000 per month to poor and weaker sections of society.

The Congress also promised to set up a seperate farmer budget, to let farmers know what allocations have been made. He added that farmers that can’t pay loans would be tried under civil laws, and not criminal.

“There are no lies in this manifesto as we have had enough lies in the past five years,” said Rahul Gandhi.

In another promise, the party said it will set aside 6 percent of GDP to education. He added that there was a need to strengthen government hospitals and give high-quality healthcare access to poor.

Manmohan Singh before the manifest was revealed said, “Purpose of Cong manifesto is to spell out vision of moving towards forward-looking and inclusive economy, polity.”