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Elderly couple in Australia recreate their canceled cruise in the comfort of their living room

An elderly Melbourne couple, recreated their vacation in the comfort of their living room after their cruise was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Norma and Dave Trill, both 74, were due to celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary with a 10-day cruise around the Pacific before it was canceled.

Wearing robes, sipping drinks, and with a personal supply of toilet roll, Norma and Dave Trill’s daughter Jane filmed them relaxing in front of an ocean video playing on their TV.

Jane Trill, told Insider that the couple were originally from Gravesend in Kent, UK, but have lived in Australia for 42 years.

Explaining how the uplifting video idea came to fruition she said: “Last Friday, we were sitting around in their apartment talking about the canceled cruise and I had the idea to play a video off YouTube and cast it to their TV.

“I found one that went for an hour and said ‘there you go, now you can feel like you are on your cruise.’ We chuckled about it and Dad jumped up and put his robe on.

“The idea grew from there, and initially I was just going to do the video and send it to the rest of the family, but the ideas kept coming – ‘let’s add the toilet paper, let’s add hand sanitizer, a hat, and glasses etc.’ We laughed for a while over it so I thought it would be worthy of Twitter.”

Trill tweeted the clip captioned: “Cruise cancelled? No problem.”

“Basically it took off from there. Needless to say, it has brought some joy to them and seemingly lots of people. The response has been amazing and even made our local news tonight, we were stunned, ” Trill told Insider.

One commenter replied to Trill’s tweet with: “This is gold!! Happy anniversary to Norma and Dave.”

Another responded: “Nice! I see your folks have their toilet paper too! Stay safe & well!”

When asked by Insider if her parents will be visiting any more “virtual destinations,” in the coming weeks, Trill said: “They have been so delighted about the attention it has gotten they said we could do another video follow up. We have a few ideas and plan to do another this Friday.”