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Elderly Asian-American woman beats attacker with walking stick in San Francisco Bay Area

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an increase in hate crimes against the Asian community in the United States.

In one such incident, Xiao Zhen Zie, 75, was physically assaulted by a white man in the San Francisco Bay Area last week.

Thirty nine-year-old Steven Jenkins allegedly approached a man standing next to Zie, who was also an Asian, and assaulted him. The elderly woman used her walking stick to defend herself, leaving the assaulter injured.

Zie, who suffered severe black eyes after the attack, later said she believed the attack on her was racially motivated and said it was entirely unprovoked and explained that her reflex was to fight back. She further said she was left traumatised by the experience.

Her grandson, John Chen set up a GoFundMe page for her grandmother where he told his potential donors that his grandmother was the one who defended herself from this unprovoked attack.

She is now suffering two serious black eyes and one that is bleeding unstoppably and her wrist has also swelled up, the description read. John further mentioned his grandmother has been severely affected mentally, physically, and emotionally and is afraid to step out of her home.

The page mentioned that even though she has health insurance that covers the basics, there are still many medical expenses that cannot be covered on her own. John mentioned that his grandmother is a cancer survivor and she also has had diabetes for over 10 years. He assured the donors that the funds that they would receive will be used to cover her medical expenses, her therapy treatment, and her bills that will have to be paid constantly from now on.

The GoFundMe page has now collected over $926,830.

John updated that his grandmother asked him to donate all the funds generated back to the Asian American community to combat racism.