Eight-month-old feared to be UK’s youngest coronavirus victim tests negative

A mum is jumping for joy after her eight-month-old baby who was examined by a coronavirus infected GP did not pick up the strain.

Eight-month-old James Adlam was feared to be Britain’s youngest virus victim after he was treated for a leg injury by a doctor with the condition at Worthing Hospital, Brighton.

His family were made to isolate themselves at home and were terrified the baby would pick up the deadly strain, known as Covid-19.

After days of fearing for her son’s life, mum Stephanie, 28, is now over the moon after a coronavirus test came back negative.

“After everything we’ve been through — the panic, the terror — it’s a huge weight off our shoulders,” she told The Sun.

“We still have to stay indoors until next week but we are jumping for joy.

“It’s been a really crazy week, I can’t put it into words.

“I’m just so relieved it’s all over and my family are going to be OK.”

James had been showing severe symptoms of coronavirus including extreme fatigue, high temperature and a runny nose.

The baby had been put at risk by a GP who had holidayed with virus super-spreader, Stephen Walsh, 53.

Father-of-two Mr Walsh caught the strain in Singapore and unknowingly infected 11 Brits on a ski trip to France.

Public Health England called the family on Tuesday and told them they were at risk.

Paramedics in hazmat suits arrived at their home in minutes and took them to the hospital for testing in an ambulance.

The family were then quarantined at home.

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