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‘Eggs and biscuits imbalance lifestyle; Pythagoras and gravity concepts are fake’: Indian panel recommends to change books

India’s controversial implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has upticked right-wing material be placed in students curriculum.

A proposal submitted says that “eggs, flavoured milk, biscuits, should be forbidden to prevent obesity and hormonal imbalance” in children, and that “serving other recipes or foods to the same graders, such as egg versus grams, or egg versus banana, leads to a nutritional imbalance among children”.

This can result in complexes developing in children leading to “emotional distress”, the paper claims, adding, “treating all children equally and with no to ‘Pankti Bedha’ (food discrimination) is authentic Indian philosophy”.

An earlier paper to the government suggested that the Pythagoras theorem and the story of an apple falling on Isaac Newton as fake news. Pointing out that all of this have origins in Vedic texts in India.

Another paper said that yoga is essential for all-round development. “Most of us live often in deep suffering and even the youth feel so worn out. Yoga brings all over personality development,” it said, adding, “Yoga is essentially a creative process of perfection and yogic research gives us the secret of the perfection and integration of personality.”

At least 800 proposals on various subjects have been made to NCERT from all over India.