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Ecuador clinic busted for injecting thousands with fake Covid-19 vaccine

An alternate medical centre in Ecuador was caught administering thousands of fake COVID-19 vaccines and was shut down by police.

The local government informed that the health clinic in Quito were administering fake vaccines to tens of thousands of patients. The facility was raided by police and health officials on Tuesday.

Quito security chief César Díaz while talking to press stated that the fake facility was charging $15 for each dose claiming to their patients that they ‘would become immune to COVID-19 after three doses.’

He further stated that the authorities have interviewed witnesses and people who had visited the centre to get vaccinated and they believe that at least 70,000 patients have been given the fake doses.

Diaz further stated that Quito health officials are not aware of what kind of formula was being injected into the patients being treated at the facility.

According to reports, the center’s owner Dr. Lucía Peñafielduring the police operation said that it wasn’t giving out ‘vaccines’ but ‘vitamins and serums’ to boost people’s immunity and other treatments to cure the disease. She also stated that they have treated around 20,000 coronavirus patients so far.

Peñafiel, who is in charge of the facility’s operation was seen not wearing any mask in a video which was recorded by what appears to have been filmed by an undercover agent. She claimed that she and her staff ‘are protected’ by the virus.

In the video footage, she was caught telling the undercover agent that COVID-19 vaccine was available at the clinic and that it takes three weeks of vaccination jabs to get cured.

Peñafiel said she was treating corona positive patients with laser treatments, IV, and infrared light and vitamins. It has been reported that among her patients were cops, military soldiers as well as President Lenín Moreno’s administration officials.

The facility remains currently closed pending an investigation.

Ecuador had become Latin America’s early hotspot in 2020 and currently it has reported almost 14,780 deaths and more than 246,000 cases of COVID-19.