Economic crisis helps centre-left opposition candidate Alberto Fernández win presidency

Centre-left opposition candidate Alberto Fernández has been elected president of Argentina in a vote dominated by economic concerns.

Fernández secured more than the 45% of the vote needed to win, beating conservative incumbent Mauricio Macri.

The vote was held amid an economic crisis that has left a third of Argentina’s population in poverty.

Macri conceded defeat on Sunday night, and congratulating his political rival. In his speech he said he had invited Fernández to the presidential palace on Monday to discuss an orderly transition.

The Reuters reported that Fernández told supporters he would collaborate with the outgoing president “in every way we can”.

Alberto Fernández will assume the presidency on 10 December.

The election campaign was largely overshadowed by the economic concerns. One in three people now living in poverty. The outgoing president promised to achieve “zero poverty”, but things actually worsened during his four-year rule.