Each adult in the UK would need to buy additional 124 pints of beer to help pubs from pandemic losses

Each adult in the United Kingdom would need to order an additional 124 pints of beer by the end of 2021 in order to help the nation’s pubs make up for pandemic-related losses.

This was calculated by a British company called Company Debt.

The firm started by establishing food and drink industry losses in the UK due to covid-19, which are estimated to be over £25 billion, or approximately $35.5 billion.

Taking the average price of a pint of beer in the country and dividing it by the 52 million adults in the UK, the firm calculated that each of them would have to buy an additional 124 pints of beer in 2021 to make up for these pandemic-related losses.

Taking things further, the company also looked at how much pub food this figure would represent. It turns out that adults not buying booze would need to order 40 roast dinners or almost 1,000 packets of chips to do their bit. All in just 226 days.

The company nevertheless adds an important word of caution to the findings saying it ‘does not intend to promote excessive drinking, but merely to highlight the stresses facing the pub sector during this difficult time’.