Dutch family “waiting for the end of time” found in secret basement

Dutch police found a family of seven people hidden in the basement of a remote farmhouse where they had reportedly spent years “waiting for the end of time”.

They discovered a man, believed to be the father of the family, and six of his children aged between 18 and 25 near the village of Ruinerwold in the northern province of Drenthe.

“Police investigated after receiving a tip-off from somebody who was concerned about the people’s living conditions” and discovered the adults,” local mayor Roger de Groot told at a press conference.

“They lived an isolated lifestyle,” he added.

The family had been living on the homestead for the past nine years and several of the children “had not been taken up in the birthing register” or officially registered.

Many questions were unanswered and police are investigating “all scenarios”.

Some of those freed “had no idea that other people existed,” news station RTV Drenthe reported.

Police were alerted after a man of around 25, believed to be the family’s oldest son, walked into a village bar on Sunday evening. The dishevelled man, unwashed and wearing old clothes said “he has not been ‘outside’ for the past nine years.”

He said he’d never been to school and seemed very confused speaking in a childish way.

The police found them after discovering a hidden staircase behind a cupboard that led to the basement.

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