Dust storm brings temperatures down in Delhi and surrounding areas

A dust storm in the national capital Delhi brought some respite from the sizzling heat wave today. The temperature in the national capital had touched 48 degrees on Monday, but soon after the storm the temperature dipped 7 degrees from 40 to 33.

However, the storm left operations at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport halted for an hour and forced some flights to be diverted.

A senior Met department official speaking with news agency ANI said, “Earlier, (dry summer) wind used to come from the western side of Rajasthan. However, the direction of the wind has changed. As a result, we have witnessed a temperature fall of two-three degrees in all the North Indian states. It is expected to continue for the next three days and there will be a full respite to the heat wave in the region.”

The impact of Cyclone Vayu, due to hit the Gujarat coastline tomorrow, could play a role in  temperature dropping, the weatherman added.

India is currently dealing with the worst heat wave especially North India. In Rajasthan’s Churu the temperature crossed 50 degrees twice, which is 8 degrees above its normal temperature at this time of the year.

Banda and Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh come a close second and third, at 49.2 and 48.9 degrees respectively.

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