Drunk Man Fined For Jet Fuel Wastage

David Stephen Young faced arrest and was fined US$ 16,000 for wasting jet fuel.

The man drank six alcoholic beverages before his flight from Calgary (Canada) to London (United Kingdom). He failed to comply with flight safety instructions, as he wanted to use the restroom during takeoff.

Mr. Young threatened and misbehaved with passengers and the flight crew. This unfortunate behaviour prompted the airline WestJet to turnaround and deboard him.

He pleaded guilty at the court, the judge asked him to pay up US$ 16,000 for the 20,000 tons of wasted fuel.

The incident occurred on the 4th of January.

David Stephen Young had come to meet his mother in Canada after he experienced a recent death in the family. Mr. Young is 44, and a British national.

The airline burned out US$ 150,000 for Young’s misbehaviour, it is still unclear if the WestJet will appeal at the higher court.

For now David is barred from entering Canada.