Drug dealer accidentally texts Police his price list for an upcoming festival

A drug dealer in Leeds, United Kingdom, managed to send a price list of his drugs to the one place he was not supposed to – the police.

Martynas Benosenko was arrested at the Leeds Festival following a search carried out by the cops. The police caught the 22-year-old and seized drugs such as cocaine and MDMA (psychoactive drug) worth over 3,000 pounds, the  Leeds Live reported.

The cops also found Benosenko carrying business cards with “Flavour Town LS6” inscribed on them. During searches, the police also recovered cocaine and 67 MDMA tablets from his bag.

Benosenko was sent to jail for three years by a court for the crime.

Prosecutor Jessica Randall said Benosenko was detained at the festival in Branham, a village in the City of Leeds, after security officials caught him “smoking cannabis” and acting “suspiciously”.

The report further revealed that Benosenko had been working as a chef at TGI Fridays in Leeds. However, he lost his job ahead of the festival, after which he thought of making quick money. In an attempt to accomplish his plan, Benosenko started peddling drugs in the festival, without thinking about the consequences.

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