Drone crashes into high-rise tower in Sydney injuring occupant

A drone used on a commercial photography job crashed into a high-rise in Sydney, injuring an occupant.

The drone pilot reportedly lost control of the drone after sending it up approximately 10 meters.

The DJI drone, Inspire 2 was at work on January 15 at around lunchtime taking photos in the Darling Harbor area of Sydney, New South Wales, when the accident occurred.

The pilot reportedly lost control of the drone, which then flew sideways directly into the high-rise building. Impacting the building at high speed, the drone shattered the glass, which resulted in an occupant sustaining minor injuries from the shattered glass.

An investigation was launched and the operator could be fined up to AU$11,100 for the incident.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) “will interview the pilot, obtain, and review recorded flight and controller data, and review the operator’s procedures as part of the investigation.”

The company flying the drone was Sky Monkey Pty Ltd., a CASA-licensed and certified drone operator. The company offers construction photography, asset inspections, and special event photography to its customers.