Drogon ate Daenerys Targaryen in the end of Game of Thrones

What happened to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) at the end of Game of Thrones was indeed heart-wrenching for the fans of HBO’s long-running fantasy-drama series.

A new claim suggests that the betrayal Daenerys suffered at the hands of Jon Snow (Kit Harington), wherein she was killed by the latter, was not the eventual fate of the mother of dragons. In fact, there is a possibility that Dany may have ended up being chewed up and swallowed by her own dragon Drogon, the only surviving beast out of the lot of three.

A forensic anthropologist named Dr. Carolyn Rando has claimed that Drogon eating up Dany cannot be ruled out as a possibility. Rando told HuffPost, “I don’t think we can discount that he was going off to eat her.”

However, considering the fact that the dragons were close to Daenerys, who called herself their mother throughout the series, Rando added, “It seems like the dragons in the show have some sort of semblance of understanding of human behavior a little bit. And so they see her as a parent. So it was a grief type of thing.”

In the final episode, when Jon murders Dany and leaves her bleeding, Drogon is in the same space as the couple was. Reacting to Dany’s death, Drogon even sets fire to the Iron Throne, melting it down with heat and anger. He then glances at Jon and carries off Dany into the horizon.

Some speculative theories also suggest that Drogon took Dany to Valyria, the ancestral home of House Targaryen or he’s going to Volantis to get Dany resurrected.

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