Driver fined after his car’s shadow sneaks into disabled parking space

A driver has been fined £65 for leaving the shadow of his car in a disabled space.

Matthew Cole had left his silver Ford estate outside the Blackheath Post Office in Lewisham, London, in March.

The shadow of his car had crept into a nearby handicapped space.

The following month Matthew was “stunned” after being fined by Lewisham Council.

He told MyLondon: “It’s absurd. There is no signage as to where I parked and the photos they sent me only show the shadow of my car in the handicap space.

“I drove with my daughter to a football game in the Heide and had previously parked there without any problems.

“Since I didn’t get a ticket the other times, I personally don’t think I should have gotten a ticket this time.

“That’s completely wrong. You’re forcing something that isn’t there. I think £65 isn’t much for a lot of people today, but the principle is wrong. If you don’t pay the fine within a certain time, it doubles to £130, which is a lot.

Matthew, a self-employed gardener, appealed the fine but said his appeal was dismissed.

Lewisham Council claimed it was parked in a space reserved for disability card holders.

Matthew has launched a second appeal but has yet to receive a response.

He added: “They emailed me to dispute it and I disputed it but they just seemed to ignore what I said and said it was correctly issued. You are so elusive. I think it is done to force you to pay.

“I’ve parked in the same spot at least three more times for five to eight hours each time and had no problem. I don’t understand why it was a problem this time.’