Drive-in cinema, theatres are returning in Czech Republic

Drive-in cinema, theatres are returning in Czech Republic as lockdown eases.

For at least the past few decades they never existed in Prague, but returned to the Czech capital over the past couple of weeks during the Art Parking project that turned the railway station Nákladové nádraží Žižkov into a full-service drive-in cinema.

Additionally, the drive-in Kinoauto Praha opened in a parking lot near Prague’s Václav Havel Airport from in late April.

The new drive-in cinemas might be your only chance to catch a movie on the big screen in Prague until later in June. All cinemas throughout the Czech Republic are currently closed due to restrictions surrounding the spread of coronavirus.

While the Czech government unveiled a five-step plan to re-open shops, restaurants, and other facilities last week, cinemas weren’t even listed among the venues that could expect to open through June 8.

Health Minister Adam Vojtěch said at a press conference that cinemas in the Czech Republic could expect to be able to reopen along with theaters, castles, and shopping centers during the last wave on June 8, though the date could be pushed back based on the rate of coronavirus cases in the country.

The ArtParking project meanwhile, announced plans last month to bring live theater, music, and cinema to cities around the Czech Republic under the drive-in concept, where spectators could view the events from the safety of their vehicles.

The project launched at two locations, Prague Market and Nákladové nádraží Žižkov. Live theater and music events will be presented at the Prague Market location.

The Nákladové nádraží Žižkov location, meanwhile – which has recently become the seat of the Czech National Film Archive will turn into a temporary drive-in cinema during the pilot phase of the ArtParking project.

Entry runs 400 CZK per car, and tickets need to be purchased online in advance of the screenings. Refreshments can be ordered via mobile phone and will be delivered straight to your vehicle. Guests are asked not to leave their cars, but extra-sanitized restrooms are available if needed.

Movies will screen daily from 20:00, with additional screenings on the weekend.