Donald Trump stopped US military’s loaded weapons from striking Iran

The United States President Donald Trump had passed orders to attack Iran after Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot down an American drone on Thursday.

In a tweet Trump said, the US was “cocked & loaded to retaliate” but he stopped the strike because it would have led to a disproportionate number of casualties.

The escalations between Iran and the United States rose when the US president decided to walk out of the the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or commonly called Iran nuclear deal last year.

Under the deal, signed between Iran, China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Germany and the European Union, Iran was offered financial assistance and a reprieve from earlier economic sanctions.

In return, Iran agreed to restrict its nuclear power programme and open it up for international scrutiny. The goal of the deal was to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Once President Trump decided to walk out of the deal, the US imposed sanctions on Iran. As a result Iran’s economy began to weaken, most importantly the US had persuaded multiple foreign nations to stop purchasing fuel from Iran.

Strategically, the US scaled up their military presence and key assets in the Middle East. Mostly to step up pressure, but were ready for any eventuality. Iran said that they would breach uranium storage levels, and would continue to harvest rich nuclear fuel. Moreover, Iran who controls 1/5th of the sea route through which crude oil passes was accused by the US of damaging four ships.

The tensions between the US and Iran have spiked world crude oil prices steeply.