Donald Trump – Shutdown Could Last Months Or Even Years

President Trump warned that the partial shutdown could go on for months or even years as there is no support for the Republican gamable on the budget for the wall.

Mr. Trump held consultations with senior members of the Congress and legal experts on Friday. President Trump said that he had the power to declare a national emergency, and bypass the Congress to build the wall — this move could be challenged in the courts.

President Trump showed no empathy for the 8,00,000 workers who remain unpaid. He wishes that landlords would be ‘nicer’ to their ‘tenants’.

The partial closure has lasted for 18 days making it the second longest federal shutdown in recent history.

The shutdown has affected millions of Americans already. The workers at the airports will go off work as their services can no longer be afforded and tax refund were be delayed.

Donald Trump during his election campaign repeatedly stated that the wall would be funded by Mexico, however no such funding was materialised as yet.

Many Democrats pleaded with President Trump to set aside the wall funding but Trump wouldn’t budge.