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Donald Trump photographed drinking Coca Cola after asking his followers to boycott it

Former US President Donald Trump may have landed himself into a fresh controversy after a photo surfaced showing his apparent hypocrisy when it comes to diet coke.

The criticism started after he was pictured with what appeared to be a Diet Coke bottle on his desk, days after he urged supporters to boycott Coca-Cola for opposing US State Georgia’s new voting restrictions.

Donald Trump’s love for the carbonated beverage has been no secret, but the photo Internet sleuths have found seems to show that Trump, perhaps for the first time, was indeed hiding his bottle of the fizzy drink.

Twitter users spotted the bottle of diet coke behind a telephone on the desk Donald Trump was seated at, behind a telephone, in a photo posted on Twitter by former Trump aide Stephen Miller, Miller in his post wrote that he had “terrific meeting” with the grinning former president at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Trump over the weekend issued a statement demanding boycotts against Coca-Cola and other companies and organizations speaking out against Georgia’s voting restrictions. “It is finally time for Republicans and Conservatives to fight back — we have more people than they do — by far!”

Trump’s love for diet coke, however, isn’t a secret. President Trump had a button on his desk in the Oval Office that summons a butler to bring him a Coke. The former President would reportedly press the button when he needed a refreshment and a staff member would bring in a glass of diet coke for him on a silver platter.

A former White House aide Chris Sims had also written about the same in his book Team of Vipers. Trump would allegedly even prank his visitors at the Oval office by saying it was related to nuclear arms arsenal and when his staff brought the coke, he would laugh out.

When the White House welcomed a different President in January the button was removed.