Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse accidentally summoned by UK court

A ‘bizarre’ court summon was sent to Disney characters Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, among others, in the United Kingdom.

Snow white and Bugs Bunny were also summoned to a court in the UK due to a hilarious system error.

A tweet of the same was shared as shown below:

The list included characters like Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell, Daphne Duck, Buzz Lightyear, Sleeping Beauty, Captain Hook, Cruella Deville and Road Runner, who were all also mistakenly added to an official list of Stoke Crown Court.

The Disney “criminal” list said the characters were set to appear ‘for mention’ when proceedings begin at the court at 10 AM on November 12, according to the screenshots shared by Leisha. Screenshots of the list went viral on social media.

However, a HMCTS spokesperson has, perhaps unsurprisingly, confirmed that the listing was a mistake.

“Sorry for the error,” they wrote. “We’ve been testing a new upgrade to our case management system and the names were created as test cases but should have been deleted before the lists were issued/published.”

“Our local team has updated the final list online, removing the test names/cases.”

But the bizarre summon was a feast for meme lords.

A user wrote, “Justice For Donald”.

Another user said that the person who made the list should be given a farewell bonus since we all need a bit of humour at the moment.