Dog walks out alive after getting stuck in toilet with leopard for hours

A dog and a leopard got stuck in a toilet in India for hours, and luckily the dog managed to come out alive.

Both the animals were photographed awkwardly sitting in the toilet just meters apart.

The incident reportedly took place in the south Indian state of Karnataka, Bilinele village, when the dog entered a toilet trying to escape the leopard.

When the big cat followed it inside, residents of the house bolted the door from the outside.


Despite efforts to catch the leopard, it managed to escape but the dog was rescued alive. Locals have identified the dog as Bollu. However, many even wondered why the leopard did not attack the dog.

Raghavendra, forest officer said that leopards ‘prefer to attack in stealth but here, it may have been wary of the dog defending itself and the lack of a clear escape route’