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Dog placed on diet after it gets stuck in pet door at home

Pictures of a dog in Australia who got stuck in a pet door and broke the frame while trying to get free from the door has gone viral on the internet.

The dog identified as Drax looked pleasantly unmoved by the door frame stuck to his body which it had ripped off its hinges and left.

Drax was rescued from the streets of Queensland, Australia by Charmaine Hulley’s sister. She found him outside a local supermarket a couple of years ago, the pooch looked skinny and was curled up due, said Hulley. She placed him in the car and the dog was in a bit shock, “he froze with fear,” she added.

Hulley was staying with her sister and they had four other small dogs. When she moved out from her sister’s place, she decided to adopt Drax and another pooch to give company to the dog.

According to Unilad, Hulley’s partner Taylor ended up feeding Drax with a ‘lot of human food,’ including steaks and treats from fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in her absence. Hulley headed back to live with her mother for a couple of months for personal reasons. Meanwhile, Drax who had been gorging on human food piled up a ‘bit’ of weight.

Drax ended up piling on a few more pounds, which became very apparent when Taylor and the other dogs came over for a weekend visit. While playing with the other dogs, Drax ended up getting stuck in the doggy door, the funny pictures posted on Facebook show the poor dog wandering around with the door frame stuck around his waist.

Drax’s family even though amused have decided to cut back on his treats.