Doctors remove razor blade from man’s skull 26 years after he was mugged

In what can be called as no less than a miracle doctors in China removed a piece of a blade from a man’s skull after being lodged in it for 26 years.

76-year-old Duorijie has had a blade lodged in his head after he was violently mugged in 1994. He had sought medical intervention in 2012 after he started having a chronic headache. However, the knife back then was not taken out as the same posed a threat to his life.

It was finally removed this month after Duorijie underwent two surgeries at the Shandong Qianfoshan Hospital in China. The treatment was done free of cost.

The first surgery was conducted on April 2 followed by another one on April 8. Doctor Zhang Shuxiang, who is one of the medics, told the Metro, “When we found him while on a medical tour of Qinghai, we learned that experts had decided on more conservative treatment, prescribing only painkillers. But his symptoms began increasingly severe and unbearable. Due to the limitations of local hospitals, we decided to bring him to Shandong for the best possible treatment”.

According to Dr. Shuxiang, Duorijie’s neurological symptoms were loss of vision in the right eye, near full paralysis in left arm and leg. Furthermore, he also informed that as of now the patient is recovering well and can walk around by himself and has also gained full sight in his right eye.

Describing his ordeal and revealing how he feels after the surgery, Duorijie told Metro, “I couldn’t laugh, yawn or even cough. ‘The doctors have given me a second chance at life and ended my nightmare of more than 20 years”.