Doctors remove at least 20 live worms from man’s eye in China

In a shocking and bizarre incident, a doctor in China removed at least 20 worms from a man’s eye.

The incident occurred with a sixty year old man, who has been identified as Wan, the Daily Star reported.

Doctors removed the the worms one by one from the man’s right eye and put them into a transparent container.

Wan, who is based out of Suzhou in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, revealed that he had been feeling the sensation of a foreign body in his eyes since a couple of months.

However, he thought this was happening to him due to excessive tiredness. He went on to say that since he was of the opinion that it is due to tiredness, he did not do anything about the eye back then.

The 60-year-old man was admitted to the Suzhou Municipal Hospital for a thorough medical examination after he complained of increasing eye pain.

During the examination procedure, Dr Xi Ting identified a cluster of tiny worms stuck under Mr Wan’s right eyelid. He identified them as the white slender roundworms, which are also more commonly known as nematodes.

The doctor mentioned that this type of worms are usually found in the conjunctival sac and tear ducts of dogs, cats and other animals. He also stated that it takes around 15 to 20 days for the larvae to develop as worms.

It is worth mentioning that the patient claimed that he did not have any pets at his residence. The only possible source could have been a place outdoor where he regularly goes to exercise.

Dr Xi asserts that people who have pets must always ensure their hygiene and has advised people at large to not ignore their eyes in case of blurred vision or discomfort.