Doctors remove 12-centimetre-long live worm living inside a man’s brain

Doctors in China successfully removed a 5-inch-long live worm living inside a man’s brain that was living inside his head for 17 years.

Chen, the 23-year-old patient reportedly started  suffering numbness in his hands and feet since the age of six. After losing sensation in the right half of his upper body, Chen decided to pay a visit to the hospital.

Doctors at the First Affiliated Hospital of Wuchang University, initially believed Chen suffered an infection due to the consumption of raw or poorly cooked exotic meats.

For a while, Chen’s doctors were confused about the cause of the problem. But when they performed a CT scan of Chen’s brain. The scan revealed a long and twisted parasite inside Chen’s brain, following which he was diagnosed with sparganosis mansoni, a rare parasitic disease.

The surgeons successfully removed the tapeworm from the man’s brain on Tuesday after five years of wait as Chen’s condition was not suitable for the surgery.

As of now, Chen is slowly yet steadily recovering after doctors successfully removed the live worm which measured about 12 centimetres and inside his body for most of his life.