Doctors fish out 52 kg of plastic from cow’s stomach in Tamil Nadu

Doctors in Tamil Nadu removed about 52 kg of the non-biodegradable substance out of the stomach of a cow.

Veterinarians from the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University of Vepery, fished out all the plastic from the cow’s stomach in a five out surgery.

The cow had apparently ingested all of this plastic over the past two years while foraging.

The animal was brought from Thirumullaivoyal to Vepery after it was noticed that the animal was in deep pain.  The Hindu reported that the animal often  kicked itself in its own stomach, possibly due to pain caused by all the plastic inside it. The cow’s capacity to yield milk also reduced. It also faced difficulties in urinating and defecating.

Plastic consumption among animals has been on the rise across the world but particularly in India. Over the past few years that have been a number of reports where white sperm whales washed up dead after consuming huge chunks of plastic in the oceans.

Images on such episodes are often found on social media, and it also makes a huge cry, but it all vanishes after a few days without any concrete action on ground.

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