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Doctors find glass bits stuck on man’s face from 36 years ago when he met with an accident

Doctors find glass bits stuck on a man’s face from 36 years ago when he had met with an accident.

RC Subramaniam from India’s Tamil Nadu state had swelling on his face for months even after he consulted doctors and took treatment.

The inflammation just below the eye, started recently in October after which the doctors asked him to get some tests, including biopsy, done fearing it could be malignant too.

Tests revealed  tiny pieces of glass lodged in the face of the man. His biopsy report stated that the swelling was due to a foreign object granuloma and the tissues in his face were reacting to the presence of the foreign object.

Subramaniam met with an accident when he was 20-years-old and his car was hit by a bus. He was hurt and tiny glass pieces covered him when he was thrown out of the vehicle due to the impact of the collision. For 36 years these bits of glass remained lodged in his face.

The case has surprised doctors. Usually if any  foreign particle is lodged in the body, the signs start surfacing within six months to two years.

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