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Doctor performs abortion on wrong patient

Doctor in Seoul in south Korea performed abortion on a wrong woman, not caring to check the patient’s identity before the operation.

According to reports, the Seoul Gangseo police have booked a nurse and a gynecologist on Monday for performing the abortion on a six-week pregnant woman.

The woman was prescribed nutritional supplement during her early pregnancy on August 7 and she was in the hospital in the district of Gangseo to receive a nutritional shot.

When the woman entered the delivery room, where apparently the hospital also performs surgeries, the nurse injected her with anesthesia and the doctor aborted her fetus mistaking her identity with someone else.

The next day the woman had returned to the hospital after experiencing blood discharge.

The police have opened an investigation on Monday and the nurse and the doctor have “acknowledged their fault”.

In April this year, South Korea had moved to legalise abortion and the country’s constitutional court ruled that lawmakers must revise the existing laws by December 31, 2020. Under the existing laws, abortion still remains illegal and can result in an imprisonment upto a year.

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