Disney has been accused of PHOTOSHOPPING face masks onto riders

Disney has been accused of  photo-shopping face masks onto riders after initially refusing to release images of guests if they were not wearing the coverings.

A picture taken at the dinosaur attraction in Animal Kingdom appears to show a rider with a digitally altered face covering. The image was reportedly taken last week.

Since the reopening in July, Disney states on its website that ‘face coverings are required for all guests and cast members from age two and upwards as part of their COVID-19 rules.

‘You may remove your face covering while actively eating or drinking, but you should be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing,’ the website states.

Disney had refused to release images where guests were not in masks, according to reports. But they now appears to have changed their policy by digitally altering images instead.

Pictures shared by Tony Townsend shows guests at Walt Disney World in Florida in their ride picture.

Townsend wrote on Sunday: ‘Got all of our photo pass photos from yesterday except Dinosaur. Just finally got it and you can see Disney has already started digitally adding masks so everyone can still get their photos.

‘The woman behind us apparently wasn’t wearing hers.’

Those at the front of the image appear to be in real face coverings; one guest at the back of the picture looks to have a digitally altered mask.

A clear screen appears to divide the two separate parties on the ride.

The parks had said guests who were in ride pictures where others were not in masks would not see or receive the image, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

Walt Disney Co announced last month it will lay off about 32,000 workers as the company continues to struggle with its theme parks due to coronavirus closures and restrictions.

The increased cuts will take place in the first half of 2021.