Device lets you shoot sanitizer at objects, Spiderman style

As the new novel coronavirus keeps people indoors, people are taking to drastically cleaning everything possible, making the surfaces are completely germ-free.

A kick-starter has a new invention to fuel these deep-cleaning fantasies, which also has a fun side to it. The PumPiX, which describes itself as a “wearable and portable gadget with a liquid sanitizing dispenser to maintain cleanliness all day,” and lets you shoot sanitizer out of the back of your hand, much the same way spiderman shoots his web.

“A sanitation spritzer, PumPix has the appearance of a sleek wrist band. Aside from its comfortable, lightweight wearability, this product is affordable and simple to use on your hands, as well as commonly touched surfaces both in public and at home. After you fill-up the gadget’s inner chamber, PumPix is good for more than 100 pumps.”

The device effectively lets you clean the surfaces you touch, before you touch them – door knobs, car handles, elevator buttons and then, your own hand.

It provides the solution to those who find it a hassle to carry a bottle hand-sanitizer in their bag and looking for it in every occasion, only to find it missing. The device straps onto your hand the same way an Apple watch does, and perhaps provides more safety than the device.

A single unit of the PumPiX costs $29 and will start shipping by August 2020.

The kickstarter had an initial all-or-nothing goal of US$ 5,000, which has been met with US$ 16,453.

The device may come in handy as the world slowly reopens its economies and people have to step out, and human interaction stops being as limited, and has more chances of spreading the disease.