Detroit mom accidentally shoots her 4-year-old while cleaning gun

A Detroit woman who claimed a robber shot her 4-year-old child later confessed that she accidentally pulled the trigger while cleaning her gun, authorities said.

The shooting took place Friday around 3:00pm in the 6500 block of Brush Street, according to Detroit police.

The mother initially told officers someone opened fire outside an apartment after unsuccessfully trying to snatch her purse, hitting the child twice.

The victim was in critical condition at a hospital, officials said.

Police Chief James E. White admitted during a press conference that there was conflicting information from the mother and the hospital where the child was taken.

“The puzzle isn’t coming together the way it should,” he said.

“We got a call from the hospital indicating that we had a crime scene here. The crime scene is on the inside of the home, not on the outside, which is inconsistent with the initial information that we have.”

In an update later in the evening, police said: “The child’s mother now admits to accidentally shooting the 4-year-old. The investigation continues.”

The mother said she shot the child in the arm and the leg, according to reports.

Nearly 500 people die each year due to unintentional firearm injuries, according to the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. In 2019, 486 Americans died from unintentional firearm injuries.

The organization says safe storage of firearms can help lower the risk of unintentional firearm injury.